The practical training of the students at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS has ended


From 16.02.2022 to 25.05.2022 IV year undergraduate students of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Baku State University in the specialties “Chemistry” and “Chemical Engineering” (150 people in 4 groups) underwent practical training in the corresponding laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives. In this regard, it was noted at the final event held at the Institute that in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic in our country, as well as observing the requirements of the quarantine regime applied at the Institute, students in separate groups during a three-month practical training in the laboratories of the institute got acquainted with the methods of chemical analysis and closely followed the experimental research.

Students also participated in scientific seminars in the field of fine organic synthesis and chemistry of additives, organized by the staff of the Institute in priority areas and in connection with the important results of scientific research.

3 students, distinguished by their level of knowledge and exemplary behavior, demonstrated during the internship, were awarded diplomas.