Academician Vagif Farzaliyev: There are serious reforms in the field of science in Azerbaijan


The development observed in every area in Azerbaijan is also noticeable in the field of science and education. Azerbaijani science at the level of its development has become an integral part of the global scientific system. The basis of this process is the great concern of President Ilham Aliyev for science. Today, serious reforms in science are being carried out in Azerbaijan.

This was reported to AZERTAG by Academician Vagif Farzaliyev, Academician-Secretary of the Department of Chemical Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Director of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives (ICA).

The academician noted that in the ongoing reforms, preference is given to the organization and management of scientific activity based on new principles, the mobilization of the country’s intellectual resources, the development of various fields of science, the introduction of advanced technologies, and the further development of interdisciplinary ties. Special attention is paid to the improvement of the scientific infrastructure, the integration of science and education, the evaluation of scientific activities based on new criteria, the transformation of science into a priority area of ​​activity and other issues.

Vagif Farzaliyev noted that the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan exercises the functions assigned to it with responsibility. The Academy has taken successful steps to further improve the effectiveness of scientific activity, coordinate basic and applied research at other scientific institutions and universities in the country, ensure their application in socio-economic and other areas, as well as the proper use of scientific personnel.