Graduates of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives were awarded honorary diplomas


A meeting was held with the graduates of Academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and their supervisors.

Director General of the Institute Academician Vagif Farzaliev said that in 2019-2021 two students completed the Master’s degree program in Organic Chemistry and successfully passed the final state certification. They both received honors degrees.

V.Farzaliev noted that to help graduate students, they were hired as senior laboratory assistants for the duration of their studies on a half-time basis. After completing their studies, they were provided with permanent jobs in the respective laboratories. They are currently doing research in the laboratories in which they work.

Giving recommendations to the young employees of the institute, the director general  emphasized that there is a great need for educated, qualified young personnel at the institute, and they will be provided with all possible support to continue their scientific work at doctorate and dissertate levels.

At the end, V.Farzaliyev presented diplomas to Gulgun Abdullaeva and Leyla Vakhidzade, who successfully completed their magistracy in 2021.