Scientific Results

The fundamental investigations on studying the action mechanism of additives, establishing the relationship between their composition, structure and functional properties have been conducted. As a result of these researches the purposeful synthesis of high-performance additives with optimal structure has been predicted and realized. So, there have been synthesized a new generation of antioxidants with combined action, high-performance anti-wear and anti-scuff additives, multifunctional alkylphenolate and sulfonate type additives, effective antimicrobial additives to lubricating oils, fuels and special liquids, polymeric additives improving the viscosity-temperature properties of lubricating oils, effective additives to various types of fuels, as well as  inhibitors of metal corrosion.

The fundamental studies have also been carried out in the field of the synthesis of new organic compounds, developing new methods for the synthesis of the new generation of additives and studying the kinetics of various used organic reactions.

By fine organic synthesis there have been synthesized physiologically-active organic compounds having efficient property such inhibiting formation of carbonic anhydrase -I, -II (iso)enzymes causing cancer. These studies were performed in collaboration with the scientists from Turkey, Italy and Saudi Arabia. At the same time the physiologically-active substances suppressing other microbes were synthesized.

It should be noted that the ICA along with the activities in the field of additives, lubricating oils and special liquids, as well as conducts scientific research the field of solving other problems of the Republic. So, the rational use technology of the unique in the world medicinal Naphthalan oil has been developed by the scientists of the Institute and applied at a pilot scale.

In addition, high-performance corrosion inhibitors to protect metals from corrosion, reagents stabilizing the physicomechanical properties of drilling fluids used in drilling, various disinfectants and medicines have been created and recommended for application.