How blood groups affect on our lives


Do you know that red liquid in our body has a direct impact on our role in the life, our character, our career, our relationship with a partner, parental feelings

According to Japanese researchers, there are important links between human chemistry and his personality, and the blood group is one of them.

Interesting results have been revealed when studying the characteristics of blood groups. So people with blood group 0 (I) are self-confident, courageous; A (II) – nervous and sensitive; B (III) – communicative and creative natures; AB (IV) – the most attractive and interesting. The oldest blood group is group 0. 0 The group is called “hunter”, group A -“farmer”, group B – “nomad”, and group AB – “modern”.

A woman with blood group 0 doesn’t like cooking.

A woman with blood group A easily adapts to fashion, weather and time. She loves children and usually spends time with her children. She likes spending money and changes.

A woman with blood group В for money is too stingy or very generous.

A woman with blood group AB is economical with respect to money, knows how to cook and cover a beautiful table.