Laboratory of Additives Technology

Head of the Laboratory
Doctor of Science in Technics, Associate Professor


Developing continuous technology for additives newly synthesized for industrial processes


The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. In different years the laboratory was headed by doctor of science in technics, professor, academician of ANAS Izzet Orujova (1965-1968), doctor of philosophy in technics Islam Namazov (1968-1988). Since 1988 the laboratory has been headed by doctor of science in, associate professor Davud Hasanov.

The scientific direction of the laboratory is selection of the technological apparatus, developing continuous technology, their modeling and optimization for improving the quality indicators of alkylphenol, sulfonate and other types of additives.

The laboratory staff has recently worked out the continuous alkylation process of phenol by olefin hydrocarbons with participation of heterogeneous catalysts.The obtaining technology of additives by utilization of not reacting olefins as raw materials in the process of alkylation of phenols with olefins has been developed. As a result of the applied technology fertility of the apparatus has been increased and the quality of the obtained product has been improved.

Besides, the process of condensation of the obtained alkylphenol with formalin and ammonia has been studied on the continuous cycle system too. The laboratory team has developed the new technology of the process of condensation of  alkylphenol with formalin. In developing the new technology as a catalyst there is used oxalate acid instead of hydrochloric acid.

While using oxalate acid as a catalyst, corrosion and erosion are prevented in the apparatus and as a result the exploitation period of the apparatus increases.

The technology of continuous neutralization process of the condensation products of alkylphenol and formalin with calcium and barium hydroxide has been worked out.

The laboratory team has taken an active part in developing the technology of obtaining and applying in industry БФК, БФКу and ИХП-101 additives created at the Institute.

The continuous processing and a mathematical model of condensation process of alkylphenol with formalin and ammonia have been worked out for obtaining new ИХП -114 and ИХП -130 additives created at the Institute.

To dry the indicated additives the principle of operation of a thin-layer column like bore has been studied. The experiment has shown that water is dried within 2-3 hours instead of 6-7 hours in the thin-layer column.

Among devices used in the process of production of additives there have been chosen and calculated reactors, evaporated column, barocondensers and  heat-transfer devices.

As a result of the activity implemented by the laboratory in the direction of training of highly skilled staff 4 doctors of philosophy in technics and 1 doctor of science in technics have been trained.

In the future there is planned to create the technology of continuous cycle systems for production of the new additives developed at the Institute.