Laboratory of Detergent-Dispersive Additives to Motor Oils

Head of the Laboratory
Doctor of Science in Technics, Professor


Synthesizing alkaline-earth metal salts of alkylaromatic sulfoacids with various origin and studying them as detergent-dispersive additives to engine oils, additive and corrosion inhibitors to cutting fluids

The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. In 1965-1988 the laboratory was headed by doctor of science in technics, academician of ANAS Kamil Sadikhov. Since 1988 doctor of science in technics, professor Amirchoban Agayev has headed the laboratory.

Over the years in the laboratory there have been created sulfonate additives such as СБ-3, СК-3, СБ-3y, C75, C-150, C-300 and cutting fluid compositions such as HCK-5, HCK-5y, ИXП-45, Aзерол-1, Азерол-5 based on Baku oils and many of them have been applied in industry.

On the basis of various synthetic alkylaromatic carbohydrates the obtaining technology of such high-purity medium and high alkali synthetic sulfonate additives as ИХП-213, ИХП-215, ИХП-223, CC-150t, CC-300t, CC-150f and CC-300f has been developed and thoroughly tested. Keeping on the research in this direction on the basis of mineral oils enriched by alkylaromatic hydrocarbons new sulfonates – semisynthetic sulfonates such as ПС-150n, ПС-150t, ПС-300n, ПС-300t etc. have been synthesized in the laboratory. It has been established that the obtained additives by physicochemical and functional properties are at the same level with such foreign analogues as Paranoks-24, OLOA-246, Xayteks 6060M, Lubrizol-52 and more better than C-150 and C-300 additives produced in CIS countries. By use of these additives – M-10B2, M-10Г2, М-10Г2к, M-10Д, M-10ДМ and other engine oil, compositions meeting the modern requirements have been created. On the basis of positive results of the tests the created compositions and additives have been recommended for application.


M-16ИХП-3 oil composition used in special engines and applied in production for a long time and its another variant – M-16ИХП-4 composition with higher operating abilities have been  developed in the laboratory and since 1989 by the decision of the USSR Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Industry its production has been started at Novokuibyshevsk Oil Refinery Plant.

It should be noted that studies in the direction of creation of this oil type used in the special-purpose engines were carried out in the form of tough competition with leading enterprises of the former USSR.

In recent years, in the laboratory there have been carried out large-scale studies in the direction of creation of new generation of modified sulfonate additives. There has been developed the ecologically pure technology of medium and high alkaline additives such as AKI-150, AKI-150K, AKI-150s, AKI-150N, AKI-300s, AKI-300N etc.

In the laboratory there have also been synthesized more effective analogues of corrosion inhibitors (ИK ИХП-1 and ИK ИХП-2), reagents (СМАД and ФХЛС) and AKOR protective additive.

The results of the research conducted over the last 10 years have been published in 1 monograph, 22 articles (6 of them in impact factor journals) and 23 thesis, and 6 Azerbaijan patents have been obtained.