“Scientists of Tomorrow” will take part in the International Olympiad OKSEF-2019 in Turkey


On June 11-16, 2019, the International Olympiad of scientific ideas and projects “OKSEF 2018” will take place in Izmir, Turkey. According to the chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS, Associate Professor Afsun Sudzhaev, Lala Allahverdiyeva and Aysu Mammadova, students of school No.251 of Nizami district of Baku, the supervisor of which is Konul Gahramanova, junior researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives  will represent our country at this event attended by 100 representatives from 40 countries. The project reached  the final stage of the competition in the category “Environment and Ecology” is called “Can damage of microorganisms be useful?

The experimental part of the project in the period 2018-2019 was carried out in the laboratory “Additives to cutting fluids” at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives.

A.Sujaev noted that at the final stage the assessment of experts will be carried out on the basis of a poster within 5 minutes and 12-minute oral presentation of slides in English. Four international experts in each category will be selected. They will evaluate the project and the results of the authors, and students will answer questions about the project.

At the end, the winners will be awarded diplomas, medals and souvenirs, and all participants – certificates.

The project will feature a short film about the countries represented by the participants of the competition and samples of the national cultural heritage of these countries.

It should be noted that this competition is held under different names in the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Mexico and other countries.