The advantage of bespectacled people in the context of the coronavirus pandemic has been proven


Fans of glasses were more protected amid the pandemic, as this accessory prevents the spread of coronavirus, writes The Sunday Telegraph, citing a study by Indian scientists.

Experts interviewed 304 COVID-19 patients and found that 19 percent of them wear glasses most of the time. The conversations led to the conclusion that those who wear glasses for 8 hours a day are less likely to contract the coronavirus.

Scientists explained that those who decide to wear glasses for one reason or another are less likely to touch their eyes. “A person has a habit of touching his face on average 23 times per hour, during the same period of time he touches his eyes about three times,” they noted in the study, stressing that glasses reduce the frequency of such contacts.

The study authors have shown that glasses can be a protective factor that reduces the risk of transmission of the virus through the mucous membranes.