The results of the joint international research of young scientists in computer science have been published in the authoritative international journal


“Journal of Molecular Modeling” has published an article titled “CX3COOH (X = F, Cl, H), a three – component catalytic activity of cyclocondensation” (,https : /// by  Associate Professor Afsun Sujayev, head of  laboratory at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS, Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Associate Professor  Yusif Abdullaev,  leading researcher at the Institute of Petrochemical  Processes of ANAS, Head of Department of Baku Engineering University, Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, and  Yohen  Iyhen, senior researcher of the Department of Chemistry   in Buffalo University .

The article describes  the experimental-theoretical mechanism of three-component condensation of triazine-2 reactions with quantum-chemical calculations as a result of joint research in the field of technical capabilities of the Center of Computer Science at the University of Buffalo.

The article is based on the grant project “Creation of new antioxidants with a combined effect enhancing oil products” funded by the SOCAR Science Fund  (grant No. CHE 1560881).

“Journal of Molecular Modeling”  is indexed in the prestigious scientific journals  like Web of Science, Google Scholar, and others.