At the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS, young researchers are involved in fundamental and innovative scientific research at the international level


On May 25, 2022, another scientific seminar was held at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. The Executive Director of the Institute, Doctor of Chemistry, Associate Professor Afsun Sujayev noted that in recent years, interdisciplinary research has been widely used to increase efficiency in related fields of science: Since there are fundamental theoretical and applied issues in this area, the approach in one scientific direction does not justify itself in solving these issues and does not allow achieving a satisfactory result. Taking into account this factor, based on global scientific tasks, young researchers working at the institute – doctoral students, dissertators and masters – are involved in fundamental theoretical and innovative research that is relevant in modern times.

He noted that the seminar would discuss the main results of research conducted by young scientists earlier.

Then the young researchers of the institute made interesting reports on interesting topics: Ibadulla Makhmudov spoke about the results of research conducted during the experiment at the University of Lisbon, Portugal in the report “Synthesis and computer experimental study of pyrazole metal complexes and other aromatic derivatives”, Leyla Safarova “Synthesis and functional properties of alkoxymethyl derivatives of five- and six-cyclic heterocyclic compounds containing nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen in the molecule”, Ulduz Jafarova “Aminic compounds of the acetylenic series as promising bactericides for medicine and oil production”, Shafa Kazimzadeh “2,2-(dimethylene-1,3-dioxalanbenzyl) disulfide as an extreme pressure additive”, Hajar Behbudova “Synthesis of sulfur-containing multifunctional compounds with biocidal properties”, Nurida Mammadova “Synthesis and study of new amides based on acetophenone”, Rufana Heydarova “Alkylphenols and additives based on alkylphenols” and Kamala Askerova “Contamination of  Atmosphere with Aircraft Waste”. Each young researcher expressed his opinion about the important results of his scientific and practical research over the past year, their scientific and practical significance, application possibilities and answered questions.

As a result, each report received a positive assessment of the leading specialists of the institute.