Project title Name of the project manager Amount of financing Financing organization Project duration
1. Oil Spill Bioremediation Mammadova Pervin Shamkhal gizi $199 906 Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) 04.2006-10.2008
2. Azerbaijani Oils’ Biomarkers Mammadova Pervin Shamkhal gizi 100000 AZN STCU and ANAS 09.2008-12.2009
3. Development of high-performance lubricating fluid compositions Aliyeva Hayat Shmidt gizi $39 994 Azerbaijan National Science  Foundation (ANSF)

Civil Research  and Development Foundation (CRDF), USA

4. Microbiological production of  fodder proteins Guliyeva Dilara Mammad gizi $39 994 ANSF  and CRDF, USA 05.2008-07.2009
5. Synthesis and study of biocides protecting lubricating oils, fuels and cutting fluids from  biological damage* Farzaliyev Vagif Mejid oglu 100 000 AZN NAS of Belarus (BNAS) and ANAS 01.2009-12.2010
6. Development of high-performance lubricating compositions and ecologically  safe fuels* Movsumzadeh Mirza Mammad oglu 100 000 AZN BNAS   and ANAS 01.2009-12.2010
7. Phytoremediation of petroleum contaminated soils Mammadova Pervin Shamkhal gizi 100 000 AZN STCU and ANAS 05.2009- 05.2011
8. Development  of  ecologically  pure  fertilizers biochemical production technology Mammadova Pervin Shamkhal gizi 100 000 AZN


STCU  and ANAS 06.2010- 09.2011
9. Regeneration of synthetic and mineral lubricating oils used in modern modular power plants Javadova Hagigat Aliashraf gizi 50 000 AZN Science Development Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic (SDF) 04.2011-03.2012
10 Creation of ship gas turbine oil based on local raw materials and, new additive compositions used in ship and stationary power plants Mustafayev Nazim Pirmammad oglu 50 000 AZN SDF 04.2011-03.2012
11 Creation of engine oil type M-20B2Ф  based on local raw materials for enhanced marine engines Nagiyeva Elmira Ali gizi 80 000 AZN SDF 01.2012-07.2013
12 Material-technical maintenance proper to the international standards of the formation of the additive, lubricating oil, fuel and special liquids meeting the modern and perspective requirements ** Movsumzadeh Mirza Mammad oglu 1000000AZN SDF 01.2012-01.2013
13 Developing effective protective agents for lubricating oils, fuels and cutting fluids Mammadova Pervin Shamkhal gizi 50 000 AZN SDF 01.2012 – 07.2013
14 Remediation of Oil and Heavy Metals Polluted Soils Farzaliyev Vagif Mejid oglu 175000 AZN Science Foundation of SOCAR 10.2012  – 10.2014
15 Development of scientific and practical principles for obtaining highly effective antioxidants Allahverdiyev Mirza Alesker oglu 50 000 AZN Science Foundation of SOCAR 10.2013 –10.2014
16 Oligomerization of hexen-1 in the presence  of phenol Ahmedov Aladdin Islam oglu 80 000 AZN SDF 07.2013 – 07.2014
17 Obtaining new additives increasing the life of lubricants Sujayev Afsun Razzag oglu 25 000 AZN SDF 05.2014 –05..2015
18 Oil Spill Bioremediation of Baku Bay coastal zone Mammadova Pervin Shamkhal gizi  

78 643 AZN

STCU and ANAS 03.2014 – 03.2016
19 Obtaining base oils with a high viscosity index Isakov Elkhan Urshan oglu 60 000 AZN SOCAR Science Foundation 07.2013-07.2014
20 Development of scientific principles of methods for obtaining and testing active antioxidants with multidisciplinary applications Garibov Emin Nazir oglu 45 000 AZN SOCAR Science Foundation 10.2014 –10.2015
21 A series of scientific works devoted to the synthesis and research of high-performance multifunctional sulfur-containing additives of a new generation to lubricating oils and fuels Sujayev Afsun Razzag oglu 5 000 AZN SOCAR Science Foundation 10.2014 –10.2015-
22 Copolymer allylnaphthenate-styrene as viscous additive to petroleum oils Musayeva Minakhanim Anvar gizi 70 000 AZN SDF 03.2015-03.2016
23 Creation of the additives  providing ecological safety of diesel fuels Movsumzadeh Mirza Mammad oglu 80 000 AZN SDF 03.2015-03.2016
24 Creation of technology of regeneration of used oils with the use of local bentonites and development of lubricating oils based on regenerated oils Javadova Hagigat Aliashraf gizi 100 000AZN SDF 07.2015-07.2016
25 Chemical and microbiological synthesis of physiologically active organic substances possessing antimicrobial properties and determination of properties and applications of the obtained substances Gojayeva Sevinj Safalyat gizi 45 000 AZN SDF 01.2016-01.2017
26 Development of new combined antioxidants significantly improving operational properties of petroleum products Sujayev Afsun Razzag oglu 40 000 AZN SOCAR Science  Foundation 01.2018–01.2019
27 Synthesis and research of a new generation of more effective antioxidants preventing oxidation and microbiological damage of hydrocarbons Gojayeva    Sevinj Safalat gizi 3 000 AZN  SOCAR Science  Foundation  (stimulating young scientists) 01.2018–01.2019
28 Synthesis, chemical modification of biologically active substances and the creation of biologically active additives and preparations based on them Azerbaijan academician Vagif Farzaliyev

Belarus –Dr.,Ass.Prof. Nadolnik Liliya

40 000 AZN ANAS and  Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus 06.2018-06.2020
29 Computer synthesis of multifunctional additives and biologically active substances taking part in pathological processes, and study of their effect on the immune system of living organisms Mammadyarova Khadija 40 000 AZN SDF

Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Republic

30 Synthesis of new biocides and the development on their basis of bio resistant and environmentally friendly cutting fluid Aliyeva Hayat Shmidt gizi 85 000 AZN BNAS


31 Development of reagents based on alkyl(alkenyl)phenols to prevent microbiological damage and biocorrosion of petroleum products Head-Farzaliyev Vagif
(ICA of ANAS),Со-head Maharramov Abel (BSU)
90 000AZN SDF

(joint project of ICA of ANAS – BSU)

09.2018 – 09.2020`
32 New multifunctional reagents and technologies for the extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves Azerbaijan  – Babayev Elbay

Russia –Poletayeva Olga –  (USOTU)

90 000 AZN Ufa State Oil Technological University


08.2018 – 08.2020
33 Development of nanocomposites with oil displacing and biocidal  properties Mammadova Pervin Shamkhal gizi 75 000 AZN SOCAR Scientific  Fund 09.2019–09.2020
34 Creation of next-generation combined antioxidant additives   improving performance properties of lubricants Garibov Emin Nazir oglu 5 000 AZN SOCAR Scientific  Fund 09.2019–09.2020
35 Application of innovation technologies in hard-to-recover and                                                heavy oil fields Mammadova Parvin Shamkhal gizi 120 000AZN SOCAR Scientific  Fund 05.01.2022-


36 Developing effective composition based on multi-walled carbon            nanotubes as a reagent for increasing the oil recovery factor Aliyeva Hayat Shmidt gizi 120 000AZN SOCAR Scientific  Fund 05.01.2022-05.01.2023