Basic scientific directions

The basic directions of the scientific researches conducted by the ICA  are:

  • fundamental studies in the field of the theoretical problems of chemistry of additives – the action mechanism of additives, the relationship between their composition and efficiency of the functional influence, synergism and antagonism of additives, the kinetics and the mechanism of various organic reactions used in the synthesis of the additives;
  • by use of fine organic synthesis obtaining new organic compounds and their investigation as additives to lubricating oils, fuels, cutting fluids, other special liquids,metal corrosion inhibitors and physiologically active substances;
  • investigation of the functional properties of various additives and development of additive compositions;
  • development of different types of  lubricating and fuel compositions, cutting fluids and other special liquids on the basis of newly synthesized additives;
  • development of technologies, modeling and optimization of the production processes of newly synthesized high-performance additives, as well as corrosion inhibitors.