Applied Work

Along with fundamental research, the institute has made significant progress in the field of applied work.

The first implemented development of the ICA team is production of СБ -3 and СК-3  sulfonate additives.

For the first time at the former USSR, there was started the activity on creation of multifunctional additives and obtained high-performance additives such БФК, БФКу, ИХП-21, ИХП-101 and СБ-3у and developed a number of high-quality motor oils based on Baku and Eastern oils by use of these additives.

Multifunctional polymeric additives of thiophosphinate (ИХП-388) and sulfonate (ИХП-234) types have been obtained and applied at a pilot-industrial scale, and on their basis high-performance motor and hydraulic oils have been developed.

High-performance anti-wear additive of dithiocarbamate type (ИХП-14A) has been developed and on its basis there has been obtained TAD-17 ИХП transmission oil. A licence for application of this oil in transmission knots of the modern passenger cars and trucks has been obtained. On the basis of ИХП -14A additive there has also been developed and admitted for application  BPM-ИХП-1201 reducer oil providing the normal operation of conventional pumping units of the oil field equipment.

A number of  additives providing production of motor, transmission and industrial oils have been developed by the employees of ICA  and their industrial production  has been organized in Azerbaijan (Baku, Sumgayit), Russia (Ufa, Perm, Yaroslavl, Novo-Kuybishevsk), Ukraine (Shostka, Kharkov) and Belarus Republic (Novopolotsk).  Under the former Union all motor oils produced at Azerneftyagh Oil Refinery were used with the additive compositions created by the ICA.

20% of additives and motor oils produced in the former USSR were developments of the ICA scientists.

Some lubricating oils (M-16ИХП-3, TAD-17ИХП) produced in the former Soviet Union which provided the normal work of some special purpose engines and transmission systems were created and introduced into production by the ICA.

High results have also been achieved in the field of creation of additives to special purpose synthetic oils working at high temperature (over 2200C).  Synthetic oil providing operation of  engines of special purpose jet airplanes at a temperature of 2400C has been developed.

ИХП-712 additive which effectively improves antioxidant properties of the jet fuels has been developed and its tests have been successfully passed.

The first antismoke additive in the former USSR – ИХП-706 has been developed and admitted for applying. Use of ИХП-706 additive in diesel fuels allows to reduce smoke and carcinogenic substances in exhaust gases by 50 %.

НСК-5у cutting fluid and five kinds of Аzerol series, which are applied at various machine-building plants of the country in a process of diamond cutting and metal processing, have been developed.

Industrial production of antimicrobial additives such as Азин-1, Азин-2, Азин-3 and Азин-4, protecting cutting fluids and oil products from bio deterioration, has been organized.

There have been created corrosion inhibitors (ИКИПГ, ИКАНАЗ, etc.), has been developed  a production technology  and organized a pilot production to protect oilfield equipment from corrosion and engine cooling systems from destruction as a result of cavitation.

During the first years of sovereignty of the  republic, when there was a huge situation in the field of additives and lubricating materials, to meet  the republic’s needs  for various kinds of lubricating oils in the shortest time on the basis of Baku base oils and additives developed at the ICA and produced at the industrial scale, as well as foreign ones, there were created a number of motor oils for various diesel engines (including special purpose ones), transmission oils for various vehicles, production of which was organized at the industrial and pilot-industrial scale. For example, new motor oils which are analogues of M-10В2, M-10Г2, M-14Г2, M-14В2, M-14ГБ oils and M-16ИХП-3 special purpose oil, motor and transmission oils created like foreign analogues providing exploitation of buses and micro-buses brought from abroad.

A new analogue of M-14ГБ motor oil brought from abroad and used in Oil and Gas Production Unit of SOCAR has been developed by the Institute and its production has been organized at the “Ashqar” Special Technological Bureau with Experimental Production under the ICA.

A new cutting fluid used at Baku Domestic Air Conditioners Plant instead of Japanese one used earlier has been developed.

AzК-18 conservation oil created at the Institute are widely used at“Baku Pillow Plant” OJSC to protect pillows from corrosion.

To provide the Republic’s needs for various lubricating oils meeting modern requirements a number of lubricating compositions of various purpose (including special) for motor, transmission and hydraulic systems have been created and their technical conditions have been developed.

Manufacture of the created lubricating compositions has been organized at the Experimental-Industrial Plant. Currently, the plant produced lubricating oils are being used in a number of enterprises of the Republic. Appropriate tests of some special-purpose oils developed for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic are conducted.

There has been created additive  – «Depressator AKİ», providing transportation of high-paraffinaceous oil through long distance pipeline by reducing their pour point and dynamic viscosity. Its production has been organized at “Ashqar” Special Technological Bureau with Experimental Production. Depressator AKİ is used at Sangachal Terminal for transportation of high-paraffinaceous oils of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan through Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline.

As a result of the conducted scientific research in the field of the regeneration of waste oils causing environmental tensions, used in various types of internal combustion engines, there has been developed a technology of the regeneration of waste oil and by this technology on the base of the regenerated oil and additives, various purposes lubricating compositions for diesel engines, including special ones have been created. Regeneration technology of waste oils and lubricating composition of special purpose developed on the basis of the regenerated oil, which has strategic importance, have obtained confidential patent protection of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At present, the developed technology is being used at Experimental-Industrial Plant.

In order to strengthen the activities of the Experimental Production Plant, the institute carries out scientific and practical work in the field of development of lubricating oils and greases for various purposes at the Experimental Production Plant, organization of their production, working out of  documents that ensure production and consumption – Technical conditions, conducting experimental tests, the study of information published in the periodical literature on the ongoing scientific work in this area, the creation of new analogues of oils based on promising additives and additive packages.

With the scientific and technical assistance of the ICA at the Experimental Production Plant, the production of a number of lubricants has been organized and the manufactured products provide a certain part of the needs of the republic. Also, to ensure the production of products at the Experimental Production Plant, their respective tests were carried out, Technical Specifications for the following lubricants ere developed, they were registered at the Azerbaijan Institute of Standardization:

  1. TS AZ 1500051871.079-2019 “Motor oils”.
  2. TS AZ 1500051871.080-2019 “Hydraulic oils”
  3. TS AZ 1500051871.081-2019 “Transmission oils”
  4. TS AZ 1500051871.082.2019 “Grease Floran

The technology of regeneration of motor oil “Musella-40” has been created, which causes environmental stress at modular power plants and  this technology is being applied  at the Experimental Production Plant.

In 2019, in order to ensure the production of BM-4 vacuum oil at Heydar Aliyev Oil Refinery(HAOR), the ICA carried out work to extend the period of periodic inspection and the validity of the AZS 359-2009 standard “Vacuum oil BM-4” and the extension of the Technical Specification for vacuum oil BM-4 was approved by the Republican Department for Standardization.

At the same time, the institute developed  a dry powdery reagent based on pomegranate peel obtained as a waste of pomegranate juice production at SPA “Ashgar”, and proposed to use it in drilling oil and gas wells.

This proposal was tested with excellent results on an oil well drilled in Siyazan with the consent of SOCAR, the results were documented and presented to SOCAR. With the use of such a reagent, it is very profitable to drill oil wells in the sea. This reagent is of great interest to foreign companies (Ukrainian and Dubai companies).

In 2020, by order of the Special Purpose Organization of Ukraine, on the basis of the institute, a new analogue of M-16ИХП-3 engine oil was developed, which is used in diesel engines of heavy vehicles under the name “Motor oil for diesel engines of high power for ground vehicles”, the production of which was planned at the EPP (М-16ИХП-3у) and developed Technical Specifications for this new motor oil (AZ 1500051871).

The lubricating oil, created by ICA, has successfully passed a series of tests in Ukraine, and it is planned to conclude an agreement on export in large volumes.

M-16ИХП-3y engine oil was also ordered by the Pakistani company Raviana Pakistan LTD for use in the Pakistani army.

Joint research with the Military Academy of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense Industry has yielded positive results and it is planned to continue this work.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan has also shown interest in this lubricating oil. Samples of special-purpose lubricants produced by the plant were sent to military units located in Terter and Fizuli regions.

The additive Depressant -AKI, which reduces the freezing point and dynamic viscosity of highly paraffinic oils and ensures long-distance transportation via the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline, was produced in thousands of tons at SPA Ashgar under the ICA control as the author and presented to SOCAR.

In 2020-2022, the Institute of Chemistry of Additives created a new, higher-quality analogue of special-purpose motor oil, organized its production at the Experimental Industrial Plant, and presented tons of products to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan. That oil was also used in the Karabakh war. It should be noted that the process of creating special-purpose lubricants consists of several stages: selection of base oils and the appropriate additive package on scientific grounds, determination of the optimal composition of the lubricant composition as a result of laboratory tests, bench tests on a number of engines, and finally, tests on a real engine.

Since Azerbaijan does not have the necessary engines to carry out bench tests of special-purpose lubricants, this process was carried out in Ukraine at the appropriate special-purpose enterprise and was proposed for use in the latest generation of special-purpose diesel engines. The created special purpose motor oil was protected by an Azerbaijani patent with the “Secret” seal and tested with positive results in real equipment at the Test-Experiment Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan and considered suitable for use in the engines of special purpose equipment. In addition to the special purpose organization of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Pakistan is also very interested in this motor oil.