Scientific Results

The fundamental investigations on studying the action mechanism of additives, establishing the relationship between their composition, structure and functional properties have been conducted. As a result of these researches the purposeful synthesis of high-performance additives with optimal structure has been predicted and realized. So, there have been synthesized a new generation of antioxidants with combined action, high-performance anti-wear and anti-scuff additives, multifunctional alkylphenolate and sulfonate type additives, effective antimicrobial additives to lubricating oils, fuels and special liquids, polymeric additives improving the viscosity-temperature properties of lubricating oils, effective additives to various types of fuels, as well as  inhibitors of metal corrosion.

The fundamental studies have also been carried out in the field of the synthesis of new organic compounds, developing new methods for the synthesis of the new generation of additives and studying the kinetics of various used organic reactions.

By fine organic synthesis  physiologically-active organic compounds inhibiting formation of carbonic anhydrase -I, -II (iso)enzymes causing cancer have been synthesized. These studies were performed in collaboration with the scientists from Turkey, Italy and Saudi Arabia. At the same time the physiologically-active substances suppressing other microbes were synthesized.

It should be noted that the ICA along with the activities in the field of additives, lubricating oils and special liquids, as well as conducts scientific research the field of solving other problems of the Republic. So, the rational use technology of the unique in the world medicinal Naphthalan oil has been developed by the scientists of the Institute and applied at a pilot scale.

In addition, high-performance corrosion inhibitors to protect metals from corrosion, reagents stabilizing the physicomechanical properties of drilling fluids used in drilling, various disinfectants and medicines have been created and recommended for application.

In addition to fundamental research, important achievements of the institute were made in the field of applied work.

The first work of the institute, applied in industry, was the technology for the production of sulfonate additives CБ-3 and СK-3.

For the first time in the former USSR, work  on the creation of multifunctional additives began and there were created such high-quality additives as БФК, БФКу, ИХП-21, ИХП-101 and СБ-3у , and using these additives a number of high-quality motor oils based on Baku and Eastern oils.

Multifunctional polymer additives of the thiophosphinate type ИХП-388 and the sulfonate type ИХП-234 have been developed and introduced on a pilot industrial scale, and high-performance motor and hydraulic oils have been created on their basis.

A high-quality extreme pressure additive ИХП-14A of the dithiocarbamate type was developed, its industrial production was organized in Yaroslavl, and gear oil TAD-17ИХП was created on its basis. This oil is approved for use in passenger car and truck transmissions. On the basis of the ИХП-14A additive, ВРМ-ИХП-1201 gear oil has also been developed and certified for use in order to ensure the normal operation of oilfield equipment rocker gearboxes.

A number of additives that ensure the production of motor, transmission and industrial oils have been created by the ICA of ANAS and industrial production has been organized in Azerbaijan (Baku, Sumgayit), Russia (Ufa, Perm, Yaroslavl, Novo-Kuibyshevsk), Ukraine (Shostka, Kharkov) and the Republic of Belarus ( Novopolotsk). In the days of the former Soviet Union, the composition of additives created by ICA was added to the composition of all motor oils produced at the Azerneftyag refinery.

In the former USSR, 20% of produced additives and motor oils  were additives and lubricating oils created by ICA scientists.

Lubricants (M-16ИХП-3, TAD-17ИХП), which ensure the normal operation of a number of special-purpose engines and transmission systems produced in the former Soviet Union, were created on the basis of ICA additives and their production was organized.

As a result of research carried out in the field of synthesis of effective additives for special purpose synthetic oils operating at high temperatures (above 2200C), and the creation of high-quality synthetic oil compositions based on them, a synthetic oil composition operating at 2400C for special purpose jet aircraft engineshas was developed.

The additive ИХП-712, which sharply increases the resistance of jet fuels to oxidation, was developed and tested with positive results.

In the former USSR, the first anti-smoke additive ИХП-706 was developed and approved for use. Adding  ИХП-706 to diesel fuels reduced  the amount of smoke and carcinogens in the exhaust gases by more than 50%.

At various engineering plants in our country, five cutting fluids from НСК-5у and Azerol series have been developed, which are used when cutting and polishing metal products with diamond tools.

Industrial production of antimicrobial additives Azin-1, Azin-2, Azin-3 and Azin-4, which protect cutting fluids and oil products from biological damage, has been organized.

Corrosion inhibitors (ИКИПГ, ИКАНАЗ, etc.) have been created to protect oilfield equipment from corrosion and engine cooling systems from destruction due to cavitation, the production technology has been developed, and pilot production has been organized.

In the first years of the sovereignty of our country, when the situation in the field of additives and lubricants in our republic became very difficult, in order to meet the needs of the republic in various types of lubricants, in a short time, base oils were created in Baku based on additives developed and produced in the ICA, as well as imported from abroad, a number of motor oils for diesel engines for various purposes (including special purposes) and transmission oils for various types of vehicles were developed, the production of which was organized on an industrial and pilot scale. For example, new motor oils that are analogues of М-10В2, М-10Г2, М-14Г2, М-14В2, М-14ГБ, special-purpose oils M-16ИХП-3, created according to foreign analogues to ensure the operation of buses and minibuses of imported production.

The institute has created a new analogue of motor oil M-14ГБ, which is used in the Offshore Oil and Gas Production Unit of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and imported from abroad, and its production is organized in the Special Technological Bureau with the Pilot Production “Ashgar”, operating at the institute.

The new cutting fluid was created to replace the Japanese one used at the Baku Domestic Air Conditioner Plant.

The corrosion preventing oil AzK-18 created at the institute is widely used for corrosion protection of roll pads at the Baku Bearing Plant OJSC.

In order to meet the needs of the republic in various types of lubricants that meet modern requirements, a number of compositions of lubricants for various purposes (including special purposes) for motor, transmission and hydraulic systems have been created and their technical specifications have been developed.

The production of the created lubricant compositions was organized at the Experimental Industrial Plant of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Currently, lubricants produced at the plant are used at a number of enterprises in the republic. Several special purpose oils developed for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan are being tested accordingly.

“Depressator AKİ” additive which ensures the transportation of highly paraffinic oils over long distances by reducing the pour point and dynamic viscosity has been created and its production was organized in the Special Technological Bureau with the Pilot Production “Ashgar”. This additive is currently being successfully used in the Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline.

The republic has created a technology for regeneration of used oils applied in various types of internal combustion engines and caused an environmental burden, and on the basis of this technology, lubricant compositions for various, including special purposes, for diesel engines based on regenerated oil and an appropriate additive have been created.

The used oil regeneration technology and a special purpose lubricant composition based on regenerated oil are protected by secret patents of the Republic of Azerbaijan due to their strategic importance. The created technology is currently being used at the ANAS Pilot Plant.

The scientific activity of the institute staff is always highly appreciated by our state; over the past 15 years, they have been awarded more than 10 orders, medals, honorary titles, etc.

For great services in the field of development of chemical science and training of scientific personnel, Academician V.Farzaliyev (2009) and Doctor of Science in Chemistry,  Prof.M.Movsumzadeh (2005) were awarded the honorary title “Honored Worker of Science”.

For success in the development of science and technology and the application of scientific results in the national economy, Academician K.Sadikhov (2004), Academician V.Farzaliyev (2005) and Doctor of  Science in Chemistry, Prof.M.Movsumzadeh (2015) were awarded the “Shohrat Order”, Prof.H.Javadova (2005), Prof.S.Mammadov and Ph.D. M.Safarova (2015) were awarded a medal, Ph.D. F.Asadov (2010), Ph.D. K.p Karimov and B. Abdullayev were awarded the honorary title of “Honored Engineer”.

The scientific activity of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives was highly appreciated by international organizations. For achievements in the field of quality, scientific innovation and development of new technologies, the Institute of Chemistry of Additives in 2001-2003 was awarded in a row the “Gold Category”, “Platinum Category” and “Diamond Category” of the International Organization of Business Initiatives, and in 2005 it was horoured with  international awards of the XXI century “Leadership and Entrepreneurial Reputation” and “Leader of Prestige and Quality 2005”.

Academician V.Farzaliev was awarded the medal “In Memory of Academician N.M.Emmanuel” (2009) and the Diploma of Quality and a gold medal – the most prestigious award of the European Union by the Chamber of Science and Industry of the European Union (2013).

Doctor of  Science in Chemistry, Prof.P.Mammadova was awarded the Islamic Development Bank Prize for achievements in the field of biological treatment of oil-contaminated lands (2013).