Apple will allow you to change the standard browser on the iPhone


Apple plans to allow users to change standard programs on the iPhone and iPad. This was told by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gourmet.

According to him, at the moment, the company is considering the option to allow users to select third-party applications as the default programs. In particular, the changes will affect the Safari browser and the Mail mail client, which users can exchange for other applications. The author noted that Apple’s current policies are detrimental to competition and concern by regulatory authorities.

The company is also considering removing restrictions on the use of third-party music services on its devices.

Bloomberg experts suggested that lifting restrictions could have a positive effect on product sales, especially the HomePod.

According to the most optimistic forecast, the ability to change the status of embedded applications on the iPhone and iPad will appear in iOS 14, which will be announced in June. According to Bloomberg, 38 applications are preinstalled in the latest operating system, Lenta reports.