Doctoral student of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS will undergo an internship at the Lisbon University of Portugal


Ibadulla Mahmudov, a doctoral student of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan will be sent for a six-month internship in Lisbon, Portugal, one of the leading universities in Europe in such fields of chemistry as synthesis and catalysis. According to the institute, doctoral student Ibadulla Makhmudov conducts scientific research in the field of synthesis and research of physiologically active substances against pathological processes through fine organic synthesis using modern capabilities of computer chemistry in accordance with the topic of the dissertation. There is a need for the structural analysis of heterocycles formed as a result of the circulation of new physiologically active substances in various ways using modern devices for physicochemical analysis. Therefore, the doctoral student needs additional practical knowledge on the purification of products in modern physicochemical devices, as well as structural analysis of new synthesized heterocycles using modern analytical devices. These methods are widely used at the University of Lisbon.

During the trip, the doctoral student will gain experience in using X-ray, NMR, VR-MS, GC-MS devices in modern topical chemical research. “It should be taken into consideration that unfortunately, there are few specialists who can perform structural analysis using these methods synergistically, not only in ANAS, but also in our country. Therefore, it is important to train qualified specialists in the world’s leading scientific centers in this area and to bring the acquired knowledge and skills to our country” the message says.