Employees of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS visited the grave of academician Izzet Orudzheva on her birthday


Today is the birthday of the first national film actress of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani chemist, academician of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Azerbaijan Izzet Orujova. In this regard, the head of the Laboratory of Engine Oil Additives of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of   ANAS, Doctor of Science in Technical Sciences, Professor Hagigat Javadova and other employees visited the Second Alley of Honor, laid flowers on her grave.

It should be noted that academician-chemist Izzet Orujova worked at V.Kuibyshev Institute of Oil Refining (1932-1959), headed a laboratory at the Institute of Petrochemical Processes (1959-1967), was director of the Institute of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (1967-1971 years), Head of the Laboratory for the Development of Engine Oil Additives at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives (1971-1983).

Her main research field is increasing production and improving the quality of lubricants. She took an active part in the development of technology for the production of new types of petroleum oils, improvement of selective refining and waxing processes, production of new types of alkylphenol and sulfonate additives, such as AzNII-5, AzNII-7, AzNII-8u, SB-3, SK-3, BFK and their application in industry, participated in the training of highly qualified personnel.