Harvard geneticist talks about creating an app for “DNA dating”


An online dating app is being created that has the potential to compare DNA of potential partners. Well-known geneticist George Church said he was already engaged in this work. According to the expert, such analysis reduces the risk of birth of children with dangerous hereditary diseases.

TASS reports about it.

However, the public did not unequivocally welcome Church and his project and accused genetics of promoting eugenics and racism. Church actively advocates “editing” the human genome. At present, his team is working on reviving a mammoth, creating means to eliminate aging, and “fixing” DNA on the human body.

An online dating application is another project of the specialist. According to him  the application will send a warning if it reveales mutations in the potential genome among its potential partners. If such mutations coincide with future parents, the probability of birth defects in children will increase by an average of 25%.

The application is expected to protect the confidentiality of users’ genome information. In addition, the analysis only affects mutations associated with the most dangerous diseases