Innovative measures are taken to reduce the dependence of cotton on imports


On November 25, at academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives, there was held a meeting with representatives of the High Technologies Park of ANAS and its resident the Experimental Industrial Plant (EIP). The meeting was attended by the director of the institute, academician Vagif Farzaliyev, deputy director for scientific work, doctor of chemical sciences Afsun Sujayev, deputy director of the High Technologies Park  Zakhir Nasibov and deputy director for production of EPP, PhD in Chemistry Sakhavat Rustamov.

First, the director of the institute, academician Vagif Farzaliyev congratulated everyone on the liberation of the Kelbajar region, one of the most beautiful corners of Azerbaijan. He said that the people of Azerbaijan, united under the leadership of the Supreme Commander, restored historical justice and, in a short time, without any pressure, ensured our territorial integrity: “The return of our eternal and ancient lands, which were under occupation for almost 30 years, in just 44 days is one of the rare events in history. I respectfully remember the memory of our brave sons and martyrs who died on this path, and I ask Allah to have mercy on them and heal the wounded”.

After the victory in the Second Karabakh War a new era began, emphasizing that the Azerbaijanis were presented to the world community as a warlike and purposeful people.

“Recent experience shows that one of the main principles of sustainable development is the application of innovations in the work,” he said, adding that a new generation of young researchers had great responsibility in this direction, and encouraged them to take advantage of existing potential and opportunities.

Sakhavat Rustamov, deputy director of the EIP, said that the enterprise he represents worked closely with the institute and expressed confidence that the issues discussed would give impetus to the development of these relations. He informed about the new product “Florent EP-00”, created by Azerbaijani specialists and, mainly, using local raw materials. He noted that this product was used to lubricate the spindle part of cotton harvesters. According to Rustamov, Florent EP-00 was successfully used in Azerpambig ASK LC, the country’s main cotton-growing company, as well as in Agroleasing PC in previous years. This lubricant is used in modern US John Deere combine harvesters. The main advantage of this product, which all users are happy with, is that it completely replaces analogues and is much cheaper.

Rustamov also noted the merits of Adil Agayev, scientific consultant to the director of the EIP, in the field of product adaptation to the production process. He stressed the need to further deepen research in this area. The scientist said that President Ilham Aliyev, who paid special attention to the development of traditional industries, always pursued a purposeful policy in the field of cotton, and for the development of this sphere, every Azerbaijani must conscientiously fulfill his civic duty. Rustamov stressed the importance of minimizing the direct and indirect dependence of such strategic directions on imports.

Deputy Director of the Technopark Zahir Nasibov, speaking at the meeting, said that the introduction of high-tech products produced by the EIP in local companies, as well as the implementation of new projects jointly with these enterprises was one of the main tasks for the future. He spoke about the work done in Azerbaijan on technology transfer and commercialization of science, noting that science, technology and innovation policies played an important role in economic development, and stressed the need to expand ties with local entrepreneurs and clients.

At the end of the event, Academician V.Farzaliyev made suggestions and recommendations for expanding cooperation between the Institute and the High Technologies Park and the Experimental Industrial Plant, and also gave relevant instructions to the responsible persons.