Japanese inventors made a drone umbrella that can keep you dry without having to hold it

  • The Asahi Power Service Company has invented a drone- and AI-powered umbrella designed to hover over people and follow them as they walk.
  • It’s called the “Free Parasol.”
  • The company hopes to sell it for R3,500 each when they launch next year.
  • But because Japan has banned drones in densely populated areas, the areas they can be deployed are limited.

A Japanese company has invented an ingenious way to shelter people from the rain without having to tie up your hands.

The “Free Parasol,” developed by the Asahi Power Service Company, is a drone- and AI-powered umbrella that hovers over a person and is meant to follow them while they walk.

The company plans to sell the umbrella for 30,000 yen (R3,500) next year, reported SoraNews24, an Asian news blog that operates out of Tokyo.

Each umbrella will be equipped with artificial intelligence software that can detect the top of the user’s head and follow them as they walk.