Laboratory of Additive and Lubricant Compositions

Head of the laboratory, Doctor of Science
in Technics, Professor


Developing new lubricating compositions with high exploitation properties on the basis of mineral, synthetic and half-synthetic base oils and additives with different functions for different internal burning engines and developing the regeneration technologies of the used lubricating oils to provide their repeated operation

The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. In different years the laboratory was headed by doctor of science in technics, academician of ANAS Izzet Orujova (1965-1983), doctor of science in chemistry, professor Nazim Mustafayev (1983-1988). Since 1988 the laboratory has been headed by doctor of science in technics, professor Hagigat Javadova.

As a result of conducted research by use of СБ-3, СБ-3у, СК-3, ИХП-21, БФКу and ИХП-101 additives with different functional properties used at the Institute and applied in industry  on the basis of mineral, synthetic and half-synthetic base oils, as well   the distillation oils obtained from Azerbaijani oils there have been developed  B, Г, Г1, Г2, ВБ, ГБ, ДМ group lubricating oils comparing well with foreign analogues by their exploitation characteristics and meeting the modern requirements for gasoline and diesel engines with different functions.

In connection with making tougher the requirements to the exploitation properties of the lubricating oils used in the modern diesel engines the new lubricating compositions have been worked out on the basis of high-alkali and low-ash additives with different functional properties containing P, S, N, Ca, Zn, B and other elements. Taking into account the high efficiency of new alkylphenolates containing different heteroatoms, ИХП-114, ИХП-130, AKİ-105, AKİ-140, AKİ-150, AKİ-219 and other additives, the use of created additive compositions in production of the lubricating oils meeting the modern requirements has been recommended.

M-8B, M-8Г1, М-10В2, М-14В2, M-10Г2, М-20Бп, М-14ГБ and М-16ИХП-3 motor oils used for auto tractor, ship, diesel locomotive, stationary and transportation means, drilling technique and self-unloading diesel engines were produced in the laboratory in different years (1995-2004) and met the demands of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, Frontier Forces of the Ministry of Defense, “Special Technique” SPU of the Ministry of Defense, State Railway Department and the Ministry of Agriculture under the war conditions.

All produced motor oils and lubricating compositions recommended for the application have been defended  by patents of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The additive package of M-20B2Ф diesel oil for the diesel engines of the ships exploited by the Caspian Sea Marine, the SOCAR’s Bayil Port Sea Exploration Drilling Department and Frontier Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Azerbaijan Republic has been worked out on the basis of local raw materials in the laboratory.

In the laboratory there has been created additive – Depressator AKİ by the freezing point depression of highly paraffinic oils which ensures a long distance pipeline transportation. Today this additive is successfully used in Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline.

One of the scientific-research works implemented in the laboratory is working out the regeneration technology of the lubricating oils used in different types of technique.

Regeneration technology of used motor oil has been developed and scientific investigations on creation of different lubricating compositions on the basis of the regenerated oil are conducted.