Laboratory of Organic Compounds with Inhibitor Properties

Head of the Laboratory

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Associate Professor


Creating new inhibitors providing the protection of different machines and mechanisms, industrial equipment from corrosion

The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS.The laboratory began its activity as Laboratory of Synthesis and Investigation of Stabilizers for the Polymeric Substances. From 1980 to present the laboratory continues its activity as Laboratory of Corrosion Inhibitors. The first head of the laboratory was Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Fakhraddin Mammadov. During 1988-2021 the laboratory was headed by Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor  Fikrat Mammadov. At present head of the laboratory is PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor Veli Kazimov.

In 1965-1980 the laboratory team realized the synthesis of different organic substances containing sulphur-, nitrogen- and phosphorus and applied them as stabilizers to polymers. As a result of the implemented research antiozonants such as Сван-1 and Сван-1С were developed and recommended for application.

Since 1980 in the laboratory there has been implemented purposeful synthesis of the new compounds with sulphur and nitrogen based on phenol and acetophenones, the obtained substances have been investigated as corrosion inhibitors in the various aggressive environments, additives to lubricating oils and a biological active substance. A range of new high-performance additives, corrosion inhibitors and  pharmaceutical substances used in industry or recommended for application have been obtained on the basis of the implemented investigation.

ИК ЛАБ-4 consists of solution of ammonium salt of the sour resin.

BBF (barium salt of bis-phenol) increases the resistance of oils against oxidation. This compound has been recommended for application as high-performance additive both in the individual form and in the composition.

ИK ИПГ inhibitor is used to eliminate corrosion of the underground equipment in the sour environment in oil and gas-extracting industry. The inhibitor is obtained on the basis of alkylphenol, formalin and diethanolamine. The protective effect makes 98-100%.

AK-3 inhibitor is obtained by working out the sour resin with ammonia. It is mainly used in the water circulation system, as well it eliminates sedimentation of salt and bio-based covering in the non-chlorine environment. This substance was tested at Saratov Nitron Plant and applied in industry.

Aminophen has antimicrobial property in the wide spectrum and it is more effective than chloramine.  Aminophen prevents the bio deterioration of cutting fluids (CF) and extends their changing period and it is more effective than Vasin biocide. Besides, it is two times more effective than hypochloride which is used in highly salty water circulation system. Aminophen has been recommended as a disinfectant and antiseptic in medicine, veterinary and as a universal biocide in petrochemical industry.

In the future besides the synthesis of inhibitors and works implemented in the direction of their investigation in the laboratory there is planned to obtain and  study new biologically active substances on the basis of both alkylphenols and acetophenons.