The new technology will keep solar energy for 18 years


The research team at the Chalmers University of Technology of Sweden has developed a molecule of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen that can sustain solar energy for a long time.

The unique molecule is transformed into isomer-rich energy under the Sunlight. It is possible to keep the isomer up to the time when energy is required (at night or in the winter). It is in liquid form and is considered useful by researchers for use in solar energy systems called MOST (Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage).

It is reported that scientists have prepared a catalyst to control the emission of the collected energy. It works as a catalyst filter. When  flowing through the filter the temperature of the fluid is about 200C, and  after filtration the temperature rises to 830C. Then the molecule  returns to its original form for recycling. Throughout the research, experts have improved the structure and characteristics of the molecule and increased the energy storage time to 18 years.