The educational seminar on the theme “Innovations in the dissertation preparation and defense” was held at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives

The next educational seminar for undergraduates, doctoral students and dissertators was held at academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives.   
The executive director of the Institute, Afsun Sujayev, who made a presentation on the topic “Innovations in the preparation and defense of dissertations”, said that the purpose of discussing this topic is to give certain recommendations to applicants based on existing legislative instructions by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in this direction, and to answer their questions.
He noted that any scientific work submitted for defense should contribute to the development of the world science, if it is a fundamental theoretical work, or the development of the world economy or a scientific direction closely related to it, if it is applied work.
A.Sujayev stated that since it is difficult to predict the result in advance in the exact and natural sciences, especially in the field of chemistry, applicants for the corresponding scientific degree should not rush to approve the thesis topic in the Problem Council, they must carry out scientific research at a certain level, they can form and confirm the topic of the dissertation after receiving certain results about it. He emphasized that, according to his observations, when writing a dissertation, the goal, task, premise and results are not clearly understood: “The goal should be short, specific, understandable, consistent with the content of the work, and the task should be certain ways to achieve this goal. The task cannot be presented as a protected position”.
A.Sujayev informed the audience in detail about the minimum doctoral examinations, the design and defense of dissertations and abstracts, the rules for publishing the results of a dissertation on specific examples, and answered questions.