The institute includes 12 laboratories, 6 departments and the Motor Testing Station.

The total number of employees is 217 people (without substitutes): scientists – 86, 15 of which  are doctors of science, including one academician, 7 professors and 36 doctors of philosophy.



  • General Department
    Head of Department Khatira Isgandarova
  • Special Department
    Head of Department Khanim Huseynova
  • Standardization Department
    Head of Department Nailya Mirsalimova
  • Human Resources Department
    Head of Department Rafiga Mamedova
  • Education Department
    Acting Head of Department Sadagat Shamkhalova
  • Public Relations Department
    Head of  Department Irada Eyvazova

Engine-Motor-Testing Station
The Chief Beyler Abdullayev
Investigation of physicochemical, operational tests of oils, additives, cutting fluids and fuels developed at the institute.