The structure of the Institute consists of 14 labora­to­ries, 6 departments, Motor-Testing Station. Under the ICA there is the “Ashqar” Special Technological Bureau with Experimental Production (“Ashqar” STB with EP).

There are 229 collaborators, among them – 17 doctors of science (1 academician), 41 doctors of philosophy.



  • General Department
    Head of Department Khatira Isgandarova
  • Special Department
    Head of Department Khanim Huseynova
  • Standardization Department
    Head of Department Nailya Mirsalimova
  • Human Resources Department
    Head of Department Rafiga Mamedova
  • Education Department
    Head of Department Raya Najafova
  • Public Relations Department
    Head of  Department Irada Eyvazova

Engine-Motor-Testing Station
The Chief Beyler Abdullayev
Investigation of physicochemical, operational tests of oils, additives, cutting fluids and fuels developed at the institute.

The “Ashqar” Special Technological Bureau with Experimental Production.
Director, PhD in Technics, Honoured Engineer  Kamal Kerimov
The development of the technology of the new research processes of the Institute, as well as the organization of their production in the pilot scale, prior to the organization of the industrial production of these products.