Laboratory of Patent Investigations, Innovations and Prediction of the Scientific Works in the Field of Organic Chemistry

Head of the Laboratory
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry


Conducting patent investigations in the field of additives, lubricating oils and special liquids, discovering the innovation of research work, protecting the primacy of invention, analyzing  the scientific-technical information

One of the most urgent problems of the development of society at the modern phase is an exact investigation of the flow of scientific-technical information and strengthening of its role. Taking it into account, in 1965 when academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS was established the Department of Scientific-Technical Information was organized under the Institute. Works implemented at the department cover the following directions: scientific-technical information, patent-invention work, edition-publication work. The head of the department was Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Associate Professor Khanim Guliyeva.

In 1981 the department was re-organized into the qualified Laboratory of Patent Investigations and Prediction of the Scientific Work in the Field of Chemistry of Additives which was headed by Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Associate Professor  Sevda Rustamova. In 1997-2012 the laboratory was headed by Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Nelufer Ismayilova. Since 2012 the laboratory has been headed by Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Minakhanim Musayeva.

The scientific-research works are implemented in the following directions in the laboratory:

– information-patent investigations in the field of chemistry of additives;

– legal protection of works with patentability;

– collection, analysis and systematization of scientific-technical and patent information;

– preparation of the scientific publications, translation and edition-publication work;

– completion of the information fund;

– state registration of the scientific-research work implemented at the Institute.

Since 1965 more than 600 сertificates of authorship of the USSR, over 10 patents of the USSR and Russian Federation and 160 patents of Azerbaijan have been received together with the leading workers of the Institute. At present the laboratory has the information fund containing the information from the first and the second sources in the field of chemistry of additives.

The laboratory constantly delivers to the Institute collaborators the information about conferences, symposiums, competitions and scientific-practical seminars held in the republic and abroad and assists in their participation in these events.

The laboratory employees participate in professional skills development courses organized by different scientific centers and apply gained knowledge in their activity.

More than 10 analytical reviews have been developed as a result of the scientific-historical investigations carried out in the laboratory and published in “Химия и технология топлив и масел” journal and two monographs – “Развитие химии присадок к смазочным маслам” (1994) and “Присадки к смазочным маслам: история науки” (2009) have been published in Elm Publishing House.

Establishment of the electronic version of new information obtained from the initial source of the literature in condition of ICT modern development is an important matter for the laboratory. The solution of this matter will significantly simplify the scientific research.