Microsoft named the fastest browser for Windows 10

The branded Microsoft Edge browser will be the fastest for computers running on the Windows 10 operating system. This was announced by representatives of the corporation at the Build 2021 conference.
Two new features, Sleeping Tabs and Launch Accelerator, will dramatically increase browser speed. The first option should solve the problem with excessive consumption of RAM – inactive tabs of the web viewer will be put into sleep mode, which will save 82 percent of RAM consumption. The Launcher Booster will keep the main Edge processes always running in the background.
The update, dubbed Edge 91, will be released before the end of May. Then the distribution of the new version among users will begin. Since 2020, the Edge browser has been powered by Chromium, which is being developed by Google. Microsoft has made many changes to the source code, which significantly improved the work of the proprietary web browser, reports.