Research results of chemists have been published in a prestigious international journal


Another article by scientists of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan – Academician Vagif Farzaliyev, Doctor of Science in Chemistry Afsun Sujayev, Researcher Khadija Mamedyarova and Professor of Baku State University Afat Huseynova, together with foreign colleagues, has been published in the journal «Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics».

The article is devoted to the newly synthesized new derivatives of 1,2-aminopropanethiols, their physiological activity relative to selective inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase, acetylcholinesterase and α-glycosidase enzymes, their functional characteristics, biological assessment and molecular docking studies.

It should be noted that the journal “Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics” with an impact factor of 3.220 is included into such international scientific databases as Web of Science and Scopus.