Uber presented a drone project for food delivery


Uber unveiled the concept of its drone for food delivery at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, which runs from October 27-30 in Detroit.

Being equipped with rotating wings with six rotors, the device is able to rise to a height of 120 meters, hang in the wind, gusts of which reach a speed of 48 kilometers per hour, and perform vertical take-off and landing. Drones will be controlled by Uber’s Elevate Cloud Systems.

A convertiplane allows you to carry one order, which includes lunch for two persons. The flight time, taking into account charging, will be a maximum of eight minutes at a distance (round trip) of more than 19 kilometers.

This is due to the fact that the UAV will become only part of the delivery process: it will not bring food directly to the customer, but to the Uber Eats driver, who will complete the order. Drone landing is supposed to be carried out directly on Uber vehicles located near the final delivery point.

If everything goes according to plan, the first drone model will be tested before the end of 2019, reports Naked Science.