An event on the theme “The National Leader in the Memory of Academic Science” was held at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS

Today, at the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, there was held an event on the theme “The National Leader in the Memory of Academic Science” dedicated to the 98th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev, jointly organized by the territorial organization of the New Azerbaijan Party, the Trade Union Organization and the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the  institute.
Opening the event, the director of the institute, academician Vagif Farzaliyev spoke about the national leader as a historical person and his merits in the formation of modern Azerbaijan. He noted that today we are in debt to him for the existence of ANAS: “Because the Academy, which in Soviet times did an unprecedented work in its development, was on the verge of closure. The people who previously worked at ANAS wanted this but they did not justify themselves in science. However, when the National Leader came to power a second time, he removed this threat. If you remember, he held his first meeting in 1993 with academicians in the building of ANAS ”.
V.Farzaliyev noted that with his support, Azerbaijani scientists had the opportunity to work abroad as experts of such international organizations as UNESCO and UNIDO: “The USSR leadership in this matter usually distinguished between the Union republics and nominated specialists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. However, it was then that Heydar Aliyev put the question before Moscow, why only the above-mentioned republics participate in the activities of international organizations, and Azerbaijan, which has a high scientific potential, should not participate? As a wise leader, Heydar Aliyev knew very well that since Azerbaijan was a rich oil and gas country, it was impossible to create a strong, competitive republic without developing its oil and gas production, oil and gas processing, petrochemical and chemical industries in general.
According to the academician, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Leader, the petrochemical research institutes of ANAS and other scientific centers of the republic working in this area have expanded their research work in these areas and achieved successful results. Many of the results of scientific research were applied on an industrial scale and created conditions for the rapid development of the country’s economy and the production of  competitive products. Then a member of the New Azerbaijan Party Board, Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Associate Professor Afsun Sujayev made a report on the topic “National Leader in the Memory of Academic Science.” He said that the national leader gave ANAS the historical status of national, as well as a centralized supreme state body implementing scientific policy in the country, which led to its development at a new stage and preservation as a national treasure of Azerbaijan: “Only thanks to this fact, every representative of the academic science, should always be grateful to this great man.”
A.Sujayev noted that the scientific policy, wisely defined and implemented by the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, is being successfully and creatively implemented by President Ilham Aliyev today. Much attention paid to the development of science also serves to strengthen and develop Azerbaijan, to ensure its recognition and a worthy place in the world.
Speaking at the event, the scientists of the institute also shared their opinions.