Apple Watch declassified with glucometer


Apple Watch 7 will add blood glucose monitoring function. It is reported by the Korean edition of ET News.

Sources refer to the report, which says that the function of the blood glucose meter may appear in the new Apple watch and the competing model Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The US company has already received patents for the corresponding function and is focused on integrating a glucose monitor into wearable gadgets.

According to declassified documents, Apple has invented a non-invasive monitor to monitor blood sugar levels, which does not require skin punctures to function. In the case of classic glucometers, either the skin must be pierced for blood sampling, or a special implanted continuous glucose monitor must be installed. A watch with a similar optical monitor will be designed for people with diabetes.

Reporters noticed that Apple has long focused on manufacturing gadgets with medical functions. In 2017, the company created a team of biomedical engineers and consultants who worked on a non-invasive blood monitoring sensor. The authors also recalled that earlier Apple CEO Tim Cook was seen with a prototype of a portable blood glucose meter.

Introduced in fall 2020, Apple Watch has added a sensor to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels. Earlier, Apple watches introduced the function of receiving an electrocardiogram and notifying about irregular heart rate.

At the end of January, American doctors confirmed the benefits of smartwatches in the fight against coronavirus. According to them, the gadgets allow monitoring heart rate variability, which can determine the presence of coronavirus in a patient at an early stage.