Australia to build world’s largest battery


In 2017, Elon Musk built the largest electricity storage station at that time with a capacity of 150 MW in Australia.  It has been recently announced that a battery with 300 MW capacity is being created in Victoria. However, both of them simply fade against the background of a new ambitious project. CEP Energy is about to build the largest battery ever made by man in New Wales in southeastern Australia. Its capacity will be a record 1.2 gigawatts – a whopping four times more than the project in Victoria and eight times more than Elon Musk’s plant. The giant battery will be located near the city of Kurri-Kurri. It will collect and release excess renewable energy generated out of sync with demand. It is reported that the commissioning of the facility will take place by 2023: modules in the form of giant battery blocks will be connected gradually, reports