Biodiesel buses on edible oil appear in Shanghai


Shanghai Jiushi, the largest bus company in Shanghai, has launched buses running on biodiesel produced from  edible oil by using special technology. More than 2,000 buses used biodiesel fuel, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional diesel, started on May 7 across Shanghai. Applicable for refueling buses, B5 fuel consists of 5% of biodiesel, obtained by processing waste vegetable oil from catering outlets, and 95% of conventional diesel fuel. Oil that enters sewage can be used as a raw material for processing. In Shanghai, up to 30 thousand tons of waste edible oil is produced annually, which can be processed into about 600 thousand tons of B5 diesel. It has been proved that the use of biodiesel fuel helps to reduce emissions of harmful substances by more than 10%, according to Belta.