California’s first neighborhood to feature printed houses


The American company Mighty Buildings has presented the first project of the district, in which all houses will be 3D printed. They will all be environmentally friendly.

Mighty Buildings has unveiled a plan to use robots and 3D printers to build an entire neighborhood of California homes worth $ 15 million.

Mighty Buildings focuses on building technology and specializes in printed houses of various sizes, presenting a technology solution that can help solve housing and sustainable development. They were able to attract 40 million investments.

Unlike other companies, the upcoming California project will be the world’s first printed quarter.

The company partnered with developer Palari Group to create the world’s first printed district. The houses will be built on the basis of the signature light-colored stone Mighty Building, the shape of which can be set under ultraviolet light. Printers also work in “robotic automation” – the devices are involved in material quality control.

Using this design method has several advantages in terms of sustainability, construction speed and cost. The 3D printing process at Mighty Building allows builders to create blocks faster and 40% cheaper, while reducing construction waste by 99%.