Chinese authorities forbade children to play video games for more than an hour and a half a day


Chinese authorities have introduced a new package of laws restricting the country’s video game market. According to representatives of the Chinese government, laws were introduced to ensure that children do not develop addiction to video games, the BBC reports.

Chinese minors will no longer be able to spend more than an hour and a half on video games on weekdays and three hours a day on weekends. In addition, authorities banned the use of games from ten in the evening until eight in the morning.

It is not clear who will monitor the implementation of this law: parents or game developers. At the same time, now for registration in video games, residents of China are already obliged to give their real names and phone numbers, but often teenagers do this from their parents’ phones.

The Chinese authorities also limited the amount of money that minors can transfer to their accounts in online games. Now, players under the age of 16 can replenish their accounts by $ 29 per month, and from 16 to 18 years old – by $ 57.

Market experts believe that such innovations will hit video game developers, reports