Chinese experts have created “smart” glasses to detect COVID-19


Rokid has created T1 smart glasses that measure people’s temperature by identifying one of the main symptoms of coronavirus infection.

The Rokid T1 thermal goggles use an infrared sensor to detect temperature in 200 people for two minutes at a distance of up to three meters. The devices are equipped with a Qualcomm processor, a 12-megapixel camera and augmented reality function – for voice control of the device without the help of hands, recording photos and videos.

According to TechCrunch, a Chinese startup intends to start selling glasses in the United States using the B2B (“business to business”) model in order to help enterprises, hospitals and law enforcement agencies detect COVID-19 infected people. The company plans to enter into deals with American hospitals and local municipalities for the delivery of smart glasses, but cannot disclose their names due to confidentiality agreements.

This product may attract the attention of US regulators, who are increasingly wary of processing data on US citizens by Chinese technology firms. According to Rokid, the company does not collect information directly from T1 glasses and does not transfer data to the cloud.