Chrome Browser was recognized as a dangerous one


Google’s Chrome browser collects too much user data and uses it for advertising. Forbes author Zak Doffman stated this in his column.

Doffman noted that, in theory, disclosing personal data Google could harm user’s privacy. In support of his thesis about harmfulness of Chrome, the journalist recalled that Google made billions of dollars in advertising and, accordingly, selling consumer data to third parties. “In this respect, it is no different from Facebook,” said Doffman.

The specialist also said that he had criticized Chrome earlier, and received a response from Google that the company didn’t analyze the content of users in those services where they mainly stored their private data. The corporation representatives listed the most secure applications – Gmail mail, Drive cloud storage, Calendar and Photo services. “You may notice that Chrome is not on this list,” the author emphasized. The journalist also said that in this way Google indirectly admitted that it was studying the history of visits to sites and payment data of Chrome users. The journalist also compiled a rating of the most dangerous browsers. Chrome came first, followed by Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Edge. The least dangerous program for visiting web pages was named DuckDuckGo, reports