Google Translate app gets more accurate offline translation


Developers from Google updated the Google Translate mobile app and endowed it with a significantly more accurate offline (without an Internet connection) translation. Translation accuracy without connecting to Google’s cloud infrastructure has increased by twenty percent, according to Gizchina.

A couple of years ago, the creators of Google Translate released a version of the application that can work without being connected to the Web. Now, with the release of the next update, the offline mode in the Google translator has become noticeably more accurate – it is alleged that the accuracy of the offline mode has increased by twenty percent.

In the new version, offline translations became more accurate for 59 languages ​​by an average of 12 percent, if we evaluate them by grammar, structure and word selection. In some languages ​​(Polish, Korean and Japanese, for example), offline mode has become more accurate by 20 percent, “Google said, adding that when connected to the Internet, translation accuracy is still higher than offline, reports. .