Huawei has already begun working on 6G


When it comes to the development of 5G network and compatible networking equipment, Chinese tech titan, Huawei comes out on top. While most countries in the world are still working to embrace 5G, which is deemed the next generation of mobile telecommunication, Huawei has already begun research on 6G claims company CEO, Ren Zhengfei.

According to the official translation of his Mandarin comments, Huawei has been parallelly working on both 5G and 6G. However, the “development of 6G” is still in its “early phase” and there is still “a long way to go” before it is commercially available. While providing a time period, he stated that the technology is about 10 odd years out from now.

As previously mentioned, 5G is currently regarded as the next generation of telecommunication. For readers who are unaware, the data speeds that it promises will serve as the underpinning technology for driverless cars and critical control of remote devices like heavy machinery. As of now, the adoption of 5G has been limited to a handful of countries like the UK and South Korea, whilst China is expected to implement it soon.

The senior Huawei official stated that before 6G becomes a reality, the industry needs to set the standards which could take years to form. Besides, it is still unclear what will be the uses and applications of this technology.

With that being said, Huawei is currently concentrating its resources and efforts in 5G and it might take a long time before we hear about 6G from the company again. Nonetheless, we will update you if the company shares any further details about its development, so stay tuned.