Kavli Prize winners have been announced


Seven scientists from five countries have been awarded the Cowley Prize for their discoveries in astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience. The winners were announced by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Literature in late May. The winners in each area will receive a prize of $ 1 million.

According to poisknews.ru, Andrew Fabian (UK) in astrophysics, Harald Rose (Germany), Maximilian Haider (Austria), Knut Urban (Germany) and Ondrey L. Krivanek (UK and Czech Republic) in the field of nanoscience, and   David Julius (USA) and Ardem Pataputyan (USA) in neuroscience were awarded this prize.

It should be noted that the Cowley Award, established in 2008, is presented every two years. This year’s COVID-19 pandemic awards ceremony did not take place. It will be held in September 2022 together with the next award ceremony.