Laboratory of Organic Compounds with Tribological Properties

Head of the laboratory

Doctor of Technical Science, Associated Professor


Synthesizing high-performance additives against wear and friction of interacting surfaces, studying the relationship between chemical structure and lubricating properties, creating transmission and industrial oils meeting the modern and perspective requirements by using new and well-known additives

The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of Academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. In different years the laboratory was headed by Doctor of Philosophy in Technics Huseyn Hasanzadeh (1965-1984), Academician of ANAS Ali Guliyev (1984-1988) and Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor Nazim Mustafayev (1988-2021). Since 2022, the laboratory has been headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Afayat Mammadova.

The research object of the laboratory is organic compounds containing elements with free electron pair (S, Cl, N, O, etc.) providing lubricating properties. More than five hundred of the new compounds like this type have been synthesized. As a result of the conducted studies a perspective area of organic chemistry – chemistry of thiocarbonic acid derivatives has been significantly developed.

In 1990 in the laboratory there were synthesized  ИХП-14А additive and its modification ИХП-14М which passed all test stages, got output document for application in many lubricating compositions and industrial production of which was organized at Yaroslavl Oil Refinery Plant, Russia. The first universal transmission oil prepared by using local additives in the Former Union and successfully passed all tests was ТАД-17ИХП oil with ИХП-14А additive.

A number of transmission, industrial and reducer oils have also  been created and got output document for application by using ИХП-14А and ИХП-14М additives: ТАД-10ИХП winter transmission oil; ИТД-68 oil for lubricating the medium and heavily loaded toothed and threaded transmitters of  the industrial equipment; ИТД-150 oil for the centralized lubrication systems of paper-making machines; ИТД series oils for lubricating the heavily loaded elements of the industrial equipment,  as well replacing ИСП and ИРП oils; ВРМ-ИХП-1201 reducer oil for lubricating the catapult reducers of the balanced pumping units in oil-producing industry.

The laboratory staff has created ship gas-turbine oil used in ships and stationary power plants on the basis of local raw material and the additive composition which are important for our republic. Since 1993 the ship gas-turbine oil created by using ИХП-14М additive has been applied at the thermal power station of Neft Dashlari (Oil Stones) OGPD and ensured normally and reliable work of stationary gas turbines.

The results of the targeted research conducted in the laboratory have been reflected in numerous scientific articles, certificates of authorship and patents. 81 of them have been published for the last 10 years, 27 of them are articles (18 of them in impact factor journals) and 41 Azerbaijan patents have been obtained. The laboratory employees have also participated at various republican and international conferences with theses and articles.

One of the achievements of the laboratory was awarded the second degree Diploma for “The method of obtaining oxyalkylbenzyl esters of xanthic acid” patent (I 20120037)  as a winner of the first Republican Competition of patents of 2013.