Laboratory of Fuel Compositions

Head of the Laboratory

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry


Synthesizing and investigating additives improving the exploitation characteristics of fuels

The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS.  The laboratory was headed by: Doctor of Philosophy in Technics Ziyad Aliyev in 1965-1983; Doctor of Chemical Science, Piofessor, Honored Scientist Mirza Movsumzadeh in 1984-2021.  Since 2022 the laboratory head has been Doctor of Philosophy in Chemisty Irada Eyvazova.

The organic compounds containing different groups and heteroatoms have been synthesized and investigated as additives to fuels in the laboratory. The influence of the compounds has been studied depending on the functional groups and heteroatoms and the additive packs with high exploitation characteristics have been developed.

To increase cetane number of diesel fuels and to decrease the amount of smoke and toxic gases, as a result of the investigation there have been synthesized metal containing compounds on the basis of a range of acetales, ketals and alkylphenols. The influence of the synthesized substances on the processes during storage and exploitation of fuels has been investigated.

For the first time in the former Union there has been produced high performance ИХП-706 additive for diesel fuels on the basis of industrial alkylphenol. While  introducing  this additive in the concentration of 0,5% (mass) into the diesel fuel, smoke in exit gases of the engine decreases by 50-60% and the amount of carcinogenic substances – by 40-50%. The industrial production of ИХП-706 and its application as additive to the diesel fuels was allowed on the basis of the decree of the former State Commission of the USSR. This additive was applied at plants producing different engines and city vehicles in the former Soviet Union (Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Volgograd, Dushanbe, Tashkent, Barnaul, Baku and etc.).

One of the achievements of the laboratory team has been developing ИХП-12 high-quality antioxidative additive for the aviation fuels. As an additive preventing sedimentations in reactive fuels there have been obtained amine derivatives of phenols. The physicochemical indicators of the synthesized compounds have been completely studied and their structure has been approved by the modern physical methods. When adding ИХП-712 additive to TC-1 fuel it is possible to obtain the qualitative reactive fuel RT without additional technological process- hydofining. The RT fuel has passed through wide and comprehensive tests together with ВНИИНП and other scientific-research institutions of Moscow and produced positive results. Only the stage of testing in the flying machine is left.

The investigations in this direction for the last 20 years have been widened more: as a result of replacement of barium with calcium in ИХП-706 additive its new modification has been worked out. To obtain low-ash additives new compounds containing nitrogen have been synthesized and investigated as additive to fuels.

One of the directions of the scientific-research work implemented in the laboratory is creation of high-quality ecologically safe additive and fuel compositions on the basis of biodiesel fuel. For this purpose, interesterification reaction of the vegetable oils is implemented, hetero atoms (N, S), alkali metals and functional groups with certain indicators are added to the obtained mixed products.

The scientific directions developed in the laboratory will allow to solve the important matters of the national economy with the economic benefit and to provide the environmental security.