Laboratory of Alkylphenol-based Multifunctional Organic Compounds

Head of the Laboratory

Doctor of Technical Science


Synthesizing and investigating additives with different types of the functional influence to lubricating oils, developing, improving and applying in industry their technology, creating high-temperature resistant oxidation inhibitors to synthetic oils applied in aircraft engines

The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. In 1965-1988 the laboratory was headed by Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Govhar Zeynalova, in 1988-2021 by Doctor of Chemical Science, Associate Professor Ali Kazimzadeh. At present head of the laboratory is Doctor of Technical Science, Associate Professor Elmira Nagiyeva.

Among the numerous organic substances used as additives to lubricating oils alkylphenolate and dithiophosphate types are very important.

The production of additives such as БФК БФК-у (1971), ИХП-101(1975) created by the laboratory staff was organized in 1966 (in Baku and Sumgayit cities). ИНХП-21 and ИХП-21 additives were applied at Ufa Oil Refinery Plant in 1975-1982.

Currently, the laboratory team is doing studies on the synthesis of new additives which can replace multifunctional trade additives produced in industry. There has been developed the optimal condition for obtaining new alkylphenolate additives (ИХП-114, ИХП-130, AKİ-140, AKİ-150, AKİ-154, AKİ-156, AKİ-162, AKİ-164, AKİ-210, AKİ-215, AKİ-218, AKİ-219, AKİ-223 etc.) containing various hetero atoms and having high performance indicators, including high alkalinity.

The technology for production of ИХП-114 and ИХП-130 additives has been developed at Sumgayit Additive Plant. It has been established that the obtained additives overbalance such trade additives as ВНИИНП-714, МАСК, ОЛОА-218А etc. by high antioxidant, anticorrosion and detergent properties.

By use of the obtained additives new motor oils such as M-8B, M-10Г2, М-10В2, М-16ИХП-3, М-20В2Ф etc. meeting the requirements of the modern technique have been developed.

Another key direction of the laboratory research is creation of high temperature resistant oxidation inhibitors to synthetic oils. To achieve the goal, the methods of the synthesis of high-temperature resistant inhibitors containing nitrogen, sulfur, boron and silicon atoms, also various functional groups have been developed and their action mechanism has been studied.

On the basis of the synthetic essential oils with application of the synthesized compounds and trade additives high-temperature (200-2400C) resistant lubricating compositions for gas-turbine engines have been developed. It has been established that the developed compositions meet all technical requirements to this oil by their main performance indicators.

For the first time on the basis of the synthetic essential oil there has been developed unique ИХП-44A motor-transmission-hydraulic oil which overbalances such trade oils as Б-3В, ТСЗп-8 and МГЕ-25Т by physicochemical parameters and performance indicators and this oil has been proposed for application.

The results of the scientific-research of the laboratory is the basis of purposeful synthesis and selection of effective additives to lubricating oils and the development of lubricating compositions for the modern and perspective technique.