Laboratory of Polymeric Сompounds with different functions

Head of the Laboratory 

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry,
Associate Professor


Synthesizing polymeric compounds, studying their structures and investigating them  as additives with                                                 different functions to lubricating oils

The laboratory has functioned since 1965 – the date of the establishment of academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. In different years the laboratory was headed by Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry Alexandra Lyovshina (1965-1987), Doctor of Technical Science Aladdin Ahmadov (1987-2014). Since 2014 the laboratory has been headed by Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, Associate Professor Elkhan Isakov.

The principal direction of the scientific-research work implemented by the laboratory over a period of its activity has been the synthesis of the additives of tiophosphinate type containing P, S and Me (Mg, Ca, Ba) on the basis of C2-C6 α-olefin oligomer and joint oligomers and investigation of them in oils as additives with detergent-dispersive, anti-corrosive and antioxidant properties. One of these additives ИХП-388 – multifunctional additive of tiophosphinate type has been worked out, applied at a pilot-industrial scale and on the basis of this additive there have been created high-performance motor oils. Isobutylene-sterol joint oligomer being the initial oligomer for obtaining the mentioned additive has been produced both at the experimental and industrial scale (Sumgayit “Organic Synthesis” Plant).

Along with continuing the scientific-research work in this direction, in the laboratory there are going on investigations in the field of obtaining detergent-dispersive oligo-alkyl succinimide additives on the basis of oligomers of vinyl monomers; developing multifunctional additives by joint oligomerization of hexen-1 with the participation of phenol, using further chemical transformations; obtaining the viscosity additives increasing the viscosity index for petroleum oils and synthetic oils through polymerization of some vinyl and allyl monomers; utilization of C6-C12 α-olefins oligomerization and joint oligomerization products as the initial raw material to obtain synthetic oil, synthetic component and multifunctional additives; use of the compounds synthesized in the laboratory as reagents to solve the technological problems arising during processing, transportation and storage of oil and oil products.

Taking into account a large amount of naphthenic acids in Baku oils, allyl ethers of these acids have been synthesized and used in obtaining the viscosity additives. As allyl monomers are not polymerized separately, by joint polymerization of them with alkylmethacrylate or sterol the additives meeting the modern requirements have been obtained.

Two projects financed by the Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan “Oligomerization of hexen-1 with the participation of phenol” (EİF-2012-2(6)-39/25/4-M-32, 30.05.2013) and  “Allyl naphthenate-styrene copolymer as a viscous additive to petroleum oils” (EIF-2013-9 (15) -46 / 21/4-М-38, 25.02.2015) have been successfully completed.

In 2014  project “Obtaining high viscosity base oils”  became the winner of grant project competition announced by SOCAR Science Foundation.

3 monographs have been written and published on the results of the scientific-research work held by the scientists of the laboratory.

The results of the scientific-research work implemented in the laboratory for the last 10 years have been certified by 14 patents of Azerbaijan and reflected at more than 63 articles and most of the mentioned articles have been published in the influential impact factor journals. The thesis of the reports have been published both in the materials of the international conferences (America, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Georgia) and local conferences.

The training of highly qualified staff has been successfully realized for this period: 3 persons have received the scientific degree of doctor of philosophy in chemistry, 2 persons are completing their thesis to receive the scientific degree of doctor of science in chemistry.