Microsoft stops servicing Windows 7 on January 14


Microsoft intends to stop supporting, maintaining and updating the Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020, the company’s official website says.

In particular, the Microsoft blog reports that after this date any support for one of the most popular operating systems will completely cease. The company advises users to upgrade to the newer Windows 10.

It is noted that Microsoft was forced to take such a step because of the weak security system of Windows 7. It was developed more than 10 years ago and can no longer cope with modern threats, because of which users can become “easy prey” for hackers.

In turn, Windows 10 was created taking into account the existing cyberthreats, so Microsoft advises updating operating systems by January 14 to avoid unwanted problems.

Windows 7 was introduced to the world in July 2009, Belta reports.