Microsoft’s smart cloth can identify objects lying on it


The usual things around us are becoming more technological and smarter. A voice-activated bed, color-changing window, wireless switch and hundreds of other objects around us make life easier. Microsoft told about an interesting development, which created a fabric that can accurately determine the objects lying on it.

The unusual fabric, developed by Microsoft in collaboration with researchers from various universities, is called Capacitivo. The exact characteristics of the coating have not been reported, but it is known to be able to recognize objects both inside and outside. For example, such a bedding can identify store-bought foods and suggest the most interesting recipes.

Besides cooking tips, Capacitivo is capable of detecting liquids and many other non-metallic objects. The effectiveness of the fabric has already been confirmed experimentally. It is reported that the study involved 10 people and 20 different objects, and the identification accuracy reached 94.5%. The results are impressive, but Microsoft has provided too few details so far to talk about the real application of the fabric, reports