PhonePad turns any smartphone into a 15.6-inch tablet


Modern smartphones can be very powerful, but their screen size is not always enough to work comfortably, watch videos or even play. In this regard, tablets are much more attractive. A small American startup solved the problem by creating a versatile portable monitor.

The PhonePad is a portable 15.6-inch display that can be connected directly to a smartphone to display any information. The main feature of PhonePad is its full compatibility with any gadgets, since many of these devices are not capable of working with Apple devices.

Connection is via popular USB interfaces and HDMI cable. The gadget is equipped with a 1080p touchscreen display and allows you to directly interact with content. The case is made of lightweight and durable aluminum and is 10.2 mm thick at the base and 4.9 mm at the top.

The manufacturer claims that using HDMI to the display, you can connect any digital device, including laptops, game consoles and DSLR cameras.