Skype Meet Now lets you video chat without sign-ups or downloads


While some work that has been taken home can often be done solo, employees in more collaborative offices often need more than just email or text messages to communicate. Sometimes even real-time team chats aren’t enough, especially for those used to looking for visual cues on their teammates’ faces. Video conference services are, of course, a dime a dozen but some claim to be easier to use than others. There is probably nothing easier, though, than just sending a link and nothing more which is exactly what Skype’s new feature promises.

Skype does have its own video call feature and so does Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even the controversial Zoom. All of these, including Skype, require you to at least sign up for an account. Some of them even require you to download an app. For one-off uses or for those who don’t really use this communication method that often, it can be more than just inconvenient.

Skype’s Meet Now feature does away those requirements. Think of it almost like a throwaway Skype video conference call, except the link sticks around for at least 30 days. You just generate a link and pass it around to the meeting attendees. When they click the link, they’ll either be taken to Skype on the Web or, if on mobile, the Skype app.

Despite that simple nature, Meet Now still offers some of the essential Skype features. You can record the call for watching again later and you can even blur your background before jumping in so you won’t have to stress over your messy room. There’s even screen sharing that’s become necessary for showing presentations or demonstrations.