Students of the Azerbaijan-British College got acquainted with the scientific achievements of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives


Today a group of students from the Azerbaijan-British College visited academician A.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS. Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of ICA, Associate Professor Afsun Sujayev told about the history of the institute, its activities, the preparation of masters and highly qualified staff, important scientific and practical achievements. He noted that such distinguished chemical scientists as academicians Ali Guliyev, Izzet Orujova, Vagif Farzaliyev and Kamil Sadikhov worked in this scientific institution, and the School of Chemistry of Additives created by these scientists contributed to the world science as well as to the economy of Azerbaijan .

Speaking about the directions of the institute, A. Sujayev noted that the institute conducts fundamental research in the field of creating scientific bases for the synthesis of various functional additives that improve the properties of lubricating materials, fuels and special liquids and the development of their production technology, identifying new and efficiently using existing sources of raw materials for the creation of high-quality lubricants and special liquids for various purposes, as well as the synthesis and research of physiologically active substances. Explaining in accessible language, he stressed that the obtained highly effective additives with different functional properties are used to prevent  oxidation, corrosion, wear and tear, as well as biological damage.

A.Sujayev noted that “Depressor-AKI”, which accelerates the flow of oil transported via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline; regeneration of the used oils and lubricants; purification of soils polluted with oil and heavy metals by use of phytoremediation method; synthesis of physiologically active substances that affect various diseases as an antioxidant and isoenzyme inhibitor take a special place among the important scientific achievements of the institute.

The Chairman of the Board also informed about projects and incentive measures taken together with middle and high school students to attract young people to science. He noted that the institute often hosts open-door days and chemistry lessons, and that these activities also arouse interest among schoolchildren.

Then the students visited 3 laboratories of the institute (“Corrosion inhibitors”, “Physico-chemical analysis” and “Fine organic synthesis”) and got acquainted with the modern equipment used there. Leading Researcher of Laboratory of Corrosion Inhibitors, Ph.D. Mziya Mirzoyeva and Researcher Sabiya Osmanova, Senior Researcher of Laboratory “Theoretical Basis of Synthesis and Action Mechanism of Additives”, Ph.D. Sevinj Gojayeva gave information about laboratory studies and instruments for physico-chemical analysis.

Junior Researcher of the Institute Mir Ali Isakov demonstrated interesting experiences to the schoolchildren.

Head of the Examination and Assessment Department of the Azerbaijan-British College, Doctor of Philosophy, Hasan Hasanov, biology teacher Melek Azizova said that the excursion made a great impression on them and their students, that theoretical knowledge was very pleasant and talented students expressed a desire to participate in joint projects in the near future.